Introduction of our Dental Team

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No English communication Barrier:

All of the dentists in our clinic have well English communication skills, which can understand your situation and need accurately.

Doctor dentist of exclusive doctor:

All of the dentists in our clinic possess Dentistry professor / Doctor degrees / medical center resident physician / education hospital dental director. All of them have many treatment experience.

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Our clinic becomes the Designating referred dental clinic amount many dentists.

Georgemicro Dental Clinic is a famous dental clinic in Taichung, Taiwan. Our clinic becomes the Designating referred dental clinic amount many dentists. We only provide high quality dental treatment.

Service charge:

We are all self-provided clinic. All of the treatment charge is followed by the criteria which Taichung City dentist medical institution announce.

The first-visit charge

ItemPrice (NTD)
Registration fee ( each time )NTD 150
Dental checkup and diagnosisNTD 350
X-ray photograph(lifelong)NTD 1,000

Dental treatment charge

ItemPrice (NTD)
3D Computed Tomography
(lifelong, single region)
NTD 5,000
Dental CleaningNTD 1,200-3,000
Polymers diastema Resin restoration for cavitiesNTD 1,000-2,000
Wisdom tooth extraction (per tooth)
(Including collagen)
NTD 9,000-14,000
Micro-Endodontic Therapy NTD 20,000-30,000
All-ceramic crownsNTD 25,000-30,000
Zirconium dioxide artificial toothNTD 30,000-35,000
Ceramic onlayNTD 12,000-14,000
Dental implant(Including dental crown)NTD 80,000-100,000
Bone GraftNTD 20,000-60,000
Cold-light bleaching treatment
(Including take-home cold-light bleaching machine kit)
NTD 16,800
Take-home whiteningNTD 4,000
​Digital Smile DesignThe cost depends on the treatment range and mouth conditions
Traditional orthodonticsNTD 100,000-140,000
​Invisalign orthodonticsNTD 300,000-400,000

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Clinic Address:No. 817, Dadun Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Free telephone number for making an appointment:0800-008-817